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Conceptualised in 2012, MILIEU (previously known as Double Bill), is an annual year-end production that features longer works, one by Artistic Director Low Mei Yoke, and another by an invited overseas choreographer. The overseas artists in 2012 and 2013 were Stefanie Batten Bland (USA) and Matej Kejzar (Belgium/Slovenia). In 2014, MILIEU took a new turn to premiere two works by Liu Yen-Cheng (Taiwan) and Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof (Israel). In 2015, the production featured a unique two-part work by Artistic Director Low Mei Yoke, and Aymeric Bichon and Christina Chan, in collaboration with Composer and Sound Designer Ho Wen Yang, as well as Ding Yi Music Company.

MILIEU 2016 was a celebration of Frontier Danceland’s 25th anniversary. Artistic Director Low Mei Yoke collaborated with the company artists, Multimedia Artist Kelvin Chew, Lighting Designer Gabriel Chan, Composer Joshua Conceicao and Sound Designer Joel Fernandez, to produce an interdisciplinary work featuring a dance film, projection design and original music and soundscapes alongside live dancing. MILIEU 2017 presented two new commissions by Thomas Lebrun (France) and Victor Choi-Wo Ma (Hong Kong). 

MILIEU 2018 saw the collaboration between Artistic Director Low Mei Yoke and Sascia Pellegrini (Italy/Hong Kong), along with a new commisisoned work by Deborah Nightingale (England). 



MILIEU 2019: