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我无所畏惧地迎接未来,改变就会有新想法, 并能为自己和新一批同伴进入一个全新轨道的机会。放下并不代表遗忘,更不意味失去。我们可能会带着批判和遗憾的眼光看待过去,但更重要的是这一路走来所建立的力量和友谊。其实这不是结束,而是一个新的开始。





Hello everyone!


Founded in 1991 as a non-profit professional contemporary dance company, Frontier Danceland became full-fledged in 2011. The company has officially transitioned out of full-time operations by the end of September 2023. The current dance studio and office space at Goodman Arts Centre will be returned to Arts House Limited, and Frontier Danceland will continue to operate on a smaller scale moving forward.


Change is the catalyst for new possibilities and opportunities, and I am hopeful for what lies ahead in the future. While letting go of the past, let us not forget to celebrate the friendships forged on this journey. This is not a farewell, but a promise of new beginnings.


Dear friends, thank you for being part of this chapter with Frontier Danceland, and for the continued support you’ve given the company all these years. In this season of change – onward to the next dance of my life.

Low Mei Yoke
Artistic Director

National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme (NAC – AEP) for School

Dancing on the Frontier – An Introduction to Contemporary Dance 

seeks to share exposure about the myriad facets of movement that stand at the core of contemporary dance.


Through performance excerpts and insightful sharing about the creation process, the programme draws connections and relevance to daily living, thereby facilitating the students’ fundamental understanding of contemporary dance and encouraging the development of an appreciation for the art form.


Frontier Danceland strongly believes in the importance of the arts, as well as the mental, social and emotional aspects of dance in contributing to a wholesome experience.


This arts education programme is available in digital format and is part of the National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme (NAC – AEP) 2023 to 2025.