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Dancers’ Locker 2023

Dancers’ Locker returns this year with a triple bill of unique creations by Frontier Danceland company artists, Sammantha Yue (Singapore), Tan Xin Yen (Malaysia) and Kirby Dunnzell (Philippines). Through the expressivity of the body, the young choreographers reflect on connections with their identities and the true meaning of communication in the contemporary world.


Come experience a fresh wave of dynamic explorations up close at Dancers’ Locker 2023!


National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme (NAC – AEP) for School

Dancing on the Frontier – An Introduction to Contemporary Dance 

seeks to share exposure about the myriad facets of movement that stand at the core of contemporary dance.


Through performance excerpts and insightful sharing about the creation process, the programme draws connections and relevance to daily living, thereby facilitating the students’ fundamental understanding of contemporary dance and encouraging the development of an appreciation for the art form.


Frontier Danceland strongly believes in the importance of the arts, as well as the mental, social and emotional aspects of dance in contributing to a wholesome experience.


This arts education programme is part of the National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme (NAC – AEP) 2023 to 2025.