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Short Term Course with Ma YueRu

Movement Explorations: Connecting Back to the Body + Open Improvisation Jam

Through a progressive series of improvisational cues and tasks, the class hopes to allow you to find joy, expression and freedom in movement, and connect deeply to your body. There will be an hour-long open improvisation jam after the class, where you can take the time and space to explore as you wish, on your own or in response to others. Come by to share your presence, move, play some music, draw, paint, write, sing, speak and the such. Commit an hour to just groove, be silly, let loose and have fun together!

No prior experience in dance is needed, so come with an open mind and a sense of play to enjoy the various sensations, textures and qualities that the body can experience!

Trial Class happening on 2 May 2022 (Monday), 7.30pm - 9.30pm

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