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Dancers' Locker 2022 is live!

Dancers’ Locker is a creative platform for Frontier Danceland’s company artists to explore performance and choreography. Past editions featured the live performance presentation of short works in intimate settings of Frontier Danceland Studio at Stamford Arts Centre, Goodman Arts Centre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Roof Garden. The 2020 edition supported experimentation through the audio-visual medium of film as mediated through the screen.

Dancers' Locker 2022 features Frontier Danceland Company Artists Sammantha Yue, Mark Robles and Chia Poh Hian at the helm of distinctive choreographic explorations. At the heart of the triple bill connects “The Self” and its unique expressions of sensibilities to change, the embodiment of culture and curiosities that feed the soul.

Be intrigued by a shared live experience that invigorates your senses!

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