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Frontier Danceland is looking to hire a Marketing, Communications & Outreach Executive to join the team based in Singapore
Closing date for applications: 31 July 2021, 23:59 (SGT)
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This contemporary dance technique course builds fundamental awareness of anatomical alignment with integrated breath in movement. Through progressive and structured exercises with a focus on the functionality of the skeletal body moving through space, participants will hone the cultivation of a connected, articulate and fluid presence.

Level: Beginners and Advanced Beginners
Short Term Course by Sammantha Yue click for course information and registration
This improvisation-based course seeks to cultivate an expansion of personal movement vocabulary by discovering and challenging bodily capacity through a curated set of movement combinations and exploration of tools that may in turn inform further development in one's movement practice.

Level: Intermediate
Short Term Course by Kirby Dunnzell click for course information and registration
Dancing on the Frontier - An Introduction to Contemporary Dance seeks to share exposure about the myriad facets of movement that stand at the core of contemporary dance.

Through performance excerpts and insightful sharing about the creation process, the programme draws connections and relevance to daily living, thereby facilitating a fundamental understanding in contemporary dance and encouraging the development of an appreciation for the art form.

This arts education programme is part of the National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme (NAC - AEP) 2023 – 2025.
National Arts Council - Arts Education Programme (NAC - AEP) for School read more