Arts Education Programme

Arts Education Programme (AEP)

Dancing on the Frontier - An Introduction to Contemporary Dance

An online performance that seeks to share exposure about the myriad facets of movement that stand at the core of contemporary dance. Through performance excerpts and insightful sharing about the creation process, the programme draws connections and relevance to daily living, thereby facilitating a fundamental understanding in contemporary dance and encouraging the development of an appreciation for the art form. Frontier Danceland strongly believes in the importance of the arts, as well as the mental, social and emotional aspects of dance in contributing to a wholesome experience.

Learning objectives of the programme include:

  • Allow connection to the arts through the digital medium 
  • Create awareness in contemporary dance
  • Stimulate interest and develop appreciation in contemporary dance
  • Engage students in the learning of some elements that constitute contemporary dance

The programme consists of the following content:

  • Brief introduction to the different dance genres, leading to a focus on the appreciation of contemporary dance and its diverse forms
  • Introduction to Frontier Danceland, one of the full-time contemporary dance companies in Singapore
  • Online streaming via Vimeo (Asynchronous)/ Real-time live streaming of performance by Frontier Danceland Company Artists and online streaming via YouTube Live (Hybrid) of a curated selection of contemporary dance performance excerpts from Frontier Danceland’s repertoire
  • Simple physical engagement activities that students can choose to participate

There are two programme formats namely:

1) Asynchronous

This programme format features fully pre-recorded arts content and allows flexible access throughout the requested duration of programme access.

2) Hybrid

This programme format of asynchronous and synchronous mode of learning features live facilitation by Frontier Danceland Company Artists, alongside the pre-recorded sections to heighten the students’ engagement in the programme. There will be a ‘Question and Answer’ section for students to bring up curiosities about contemporary dance towards the end of the programme.

Here is the introduction to the programme:

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