Arts Education Programme

National Arts Council - Arts Education Programme (NAC - AEP)

Dancing on the Frontier - An Introduction to Contemporary Dance

This digital programme offers an introduction to contemporary dance and is designed to share exposure about the myriad facets of movement that stand at the core of contemporary dance. Through performance excerpts and insightful sharing about the creation process, the programme draws connections and relevance to daily living, thereby facilitating a fundamental understanding in contemporary dance and encouraging the development of an appreciation for the art form. The programme brings awareness to the importance of the arts, in particular the mental, social and emotional aspects of dance in contributing to a wholesome lived experience.

Programme learning goals:

  • Cultivate an appreciation for contemporary dance through guided facilitation to discover relevance of the art form in everyday living
  • Develop an ability to articulate personal perspectives while holding space for the interpretation of others through exposure to diverse meaning-making
  • Embrace dance as a means to foster connections through understanding movement and performance as a communal lived experience

Technical Requirements:

  • Audio/Sound System, Computer, Projector and Projection Screen

Here is an introduction to the programme:

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