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Frontier Danceland's annual mid-year production SIDES 2018 is back with a line-up of enthralling performances.

SIDES 2018 is an exciting triple-bill featuring vastly distinct styles of original works by choreographers Shahar Binyamini (Israel), Richard Chappell (UK) & Faye Tan (Singapore), Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (France). Read on to see what the pieces are all about!


The colour of there seen from here
Richard Chappell & Faye Tan

A physical and theatrical exploration of the universal experiences of distances between human beings, and how varying degrees of proximity to others in space affect us emotionally, physically and mentally.

The performers use the imagery of where the blue hues of a horizon meet to inhabit an open environment during the performance, which is larger and further than their eyes can see. By sculpting the physicality of the dancers and placing them in various encounters and levels of intimacy between one another, The colour of there seen from here expresses empathy through images of longing, closeness, connection, disconnection, measurement, and more.

Shahar Binyamini

The emergence of elegance, bionic humans who form a post-human tribe. Eager for intimacy in a mechanical surrounding-they move as if to practice some distorted, half-forgotten ceremonies. What is their intention for each other? What is PARADISE in these kinds of new conditions?

Dead Bodies (according to X-Event protocol Les corps morts, 2006)
Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan)

Placed on individual, separate pedestals, the dancers enter into a cycle of production of physical attacks that lead them, through various states, to the limits of their resistance. The action involves alternating immobility and sudden movement from each of the dancers. They produce the alternation every second. This action is maintained until the dancers are physically exhausted.

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Curated in 2013, SIDES is the company’s annual mid-year production which brings both international and local choreographers together so that the various tangents of contemporary dance are explored. Choreographers usually spend an artist-in-residence period of two to four weeks with the company artist to create or restage works for each season. Frontier Danceland has since presented the works of Chang Chien-Kuei (Taiwan), Lee Mun Wai (Singapore), Christina Chan (Singapore), Shahar Binyamini (Israel), Sita Ostheimer (Germany), Shahrin Johry (Singapore), Stephanie Lake (Australia), Wallie Wolfgruber (USA), Noa Zuk (Israel), Olé Khamchanla (France/Laos), Jereh Leong (Singapore), as well as Gabrielle Nankivell and Luke Smiles (Australia).



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