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Dancers’ Locker is an annual showcase of our company artists’ creations on one another in Frontier Danceland’s current studio at Goodman Arts Centre.



DANCERS’ LOCKER 2020 returns this year with a digital twist!

Featuring 6 unique moving image works by company artists Ma YueRu (Singapore), Tan Xin Yen (Malaysia), Sammantha Yue (Singapore), Konrad Plak (Poland), Mark Robles (Philippines), and Keigo Nozaki (Japan) developed with artistic collaborator and film producer Jeremy Chua (Singapore), this year’s Dancers’ Locker is the culmination of a three-month long audio-visual exploration into alternate forms of presenting performance.

With themes and topics ranging from domestic anxieties and the recently concluded Circuit Breaker measures, explorations of alter egos epitomised by the emergence of drag subculture in popular culture, to introspections on the nature of mortality and familial ties, the artists will present new and exciting works-in-progress for the screening, followed by a live Q&A session. An accompanying process journal will be launched alongside the films, which include additional materials on the working process and creative journey of the artists and their works.

Event Details
Date: 12 September 2020
Time: 8pm - 9.30pm (SGT)
Duration: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Meeting Platform: Zoom
A live Q&A with artists will follow after the online screening


Free Admission!

Register at https://dl2020.peatix.com/


Download the accompanying process journal here!


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