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We are thankful to all patrons who have purchased your ticket to Dancers’ Locker 2021 - Elemental Beings.


We appreciate your patience as our team deliberates on the next course of action for the upcoming performance as we navigate these uncharted waters once more.


The health and safety of all audiences and artists remains Frontier Danceland’s priority. As per the latest Government advisory as at 14 May 2021, we may only proceed with Dancers’ Locker 2021 upon receiving approval from National Arts Council (NAC). Dancers’ Locker 2021 has been publicized before 5 May 2021, and the total audience size is 10 per performance, which are acceptable conditions within the existing tightened Safe Management Measures. We are currently moving forward with caution in preparing an application to proceed with the live performance of Dancers’ Locker 2021.


We will keep you updated through the coming weeks once we get to hear from NAC on whether Dancers’ Locker has been granted permission to be held as planned, and seek your kind understanding as we manage the evolving situation.


In the event of any postponement or cancellation of Dancers’ Locker 2021, we will contact you to explore the potential attendance of your preferred performance on a new date / time, or process a full refund of the tickets.


Do contact us at info@frontierdanceland.com for any clarifications.

Thank you and stay safe!