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Open Class with Adelene Stanley


OPEN CLASSES WITH ADELENE STANLEY (Commencing 20th February 2018)

Tuesdays, 7 – 8.30pm

Kindly refer to the details below for information on classes, year plan, dates, fees & packages.

Pre registration / Sign up opens today!

SEMESTER 1 (Feb – May 2018)

Body Therapy & Conditioning Class

20, 27 Feb

Cunningham Technique Class

6, 13 March 

20, 27 March

Contemporary Ballet Class

3, 10 April

17, 24 April

Graham Technique Class

1, 15 May

22, 29 May


SEMESTER 2 (Jul to Aug, Oct to Dec 2018)

Body Therapy & Conditioning Class

3, 10, July

Contemporary Ballet Class

17, 31 July

Flying Low Class

7, 14, 21 Aug

Floorwork Release Class

16 Oct

Cunningham Technique Class

23, 30 Oct

Graham Technique Class

15 (New postponed date), 20 Nov   

Improvisation & Creative Movement Class

27 Nov



*No classes in June for Mid Year Break

*No class on 8th May, Frontier Danceland’s SIDES Show

*No class on 6th Nov, Frontier Danceland’s MILIEU Show      



Body Therapy & Conditioning Class combines flexibility and strength training through mobilizing stretches and pilates exercises. Focusing on increasing core, upper and lower body strength. This class aims to increase body wellness and awareness. Everyone and all ages welcome!

Cunningham Technique Class  focuses on bettering body coordination. This technique explores how the back works in either in opposition to the legs or in unison. It will start with a back warm-up and move through a series of exercises such as pliés and tendus, progressing toward large sequences that move through space. Combinations of turns, adagios and phrases across the floor lead into jumps. Everyone is welcome to join, prior knowledge of ballet technique is preferable.

Contemporary Ballet Class is a twist on the conventional ballet technique. In this class you will be encouraged to explore your range of the movement by incorporating the use of the spine and adding neo-classical / contemporary elements to the class. Class progresses from barre, to center work. Class is open to everyone!

Graham Technique Class incorporates 4 main principles - Contraction, Release, Spiraling, Falls. The movement vocabulary draws connections between the physical and emotional meanings of power, control and vulnerability. Class structure involves Graham floor exercises, standing exercises, across the floor and falls. Class difficulty is intermediate to advance level.

Improvisation & Creative Movement Class involves a series of warm up exercises to open your body and mind. The class encourages you to respond to music, to explore the body through movement and creative improvisation.  (“Movement is the language of the soul.” - Martha Graham)

Floorwork Release Class focuses on the flow, fluidity and ease of movement. It encourages you to minimise tension in the body to create freedom of movement. Exercises involves sliding and rolling on the floor. Open to everyone and all ages!

Flying Low Class utilises simple movement patterns that involves breathing, speed and release of energy through the body in order to activate the core and extremities of the limbs.



10 class package: $21 per class ($210)

5 class package: $23 per class ($115)

Single class: $25 


Terms & Conditions

Fees are non-refundable, and packages are non-transferrable.

For enquiries and registration, email learn@frontierdanceland.com with the following: Name, Age, and whether you have had any previous dance experience.