Paradigm Shift ‘17 was a roaring success. We would like to thank all those who helped make it possible, including those came to participate in and witness this historic event in Singapore’s dance scene. Keep up-to-date with future editions of this event by following us on social media! (links at the bottom of this web page)

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Welcome to a new paradigm of contemporary dance.

It is time for contemporary dance in Singapore to embrace a new form; the dance battle.

It is time to remember why we dance. To remember what moves us. To relive the moments when we were first inspired to point our feet or spin on our heads, or fly through the air in a grand jeté or backflip.

Because it's fun. And exciting. And cool. It could be because our friends do it, and we want to do it better than them. Or simply because it feels great to move to the impulses of music.

Paradigm Shift is about reconnecting contemporary dance to these reasons for moving. Come to show-off; come to enjoy the music; come to have fun and fool around; come to share your dance in conversation with another person. One will walk away from each battle the winner, but both walk away a little bit richer, having challenged, given, received, experienced and learned.

So come, join us in this new Paradigm.

27 MAY 2017


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