Got to Move ISLANDWIDE 2018

Not Standing. Only Dancing

Frontier Danceland will be conducting a series of 6 dance workshops for the Got To Move ISLANDWIDE on 20 and 27 October 2018, the classes are open to public and held in Frontier Danceland Studio. The best part of this programme is that it's FREE. For those who are interested, do sign up below.

[20 October 2018, Saturday]
Class: Floor Work Release Class 
Class Schedule: 1.45pm – 2.45pm
Conducted by: Adelene Stanley
Description: This class focuses on the flow, fluidity and ease of movement. It encourages you to minimise tension in the body to create freedom of movement. Exercises involve  sliding and rolling on the floor. Open to everyone and all ages!

Class: Guided Movement Exploration
Class Schedule: 3pm – 4pm
Conducted by: Faye Tan
Description: A guided improvisation/movement class for all levels (minimum age 14 and up). It will be fun and groovy, a session for people to discover or rediscover the joy of moving and opening new physical sensations in their bodies. Participants should have some dance or movement experience.

Class: Movement Phrases/Repertoire
Class Schedule: 4.15pm – 5.15pm
Conducted by: Sammantha Yue
Description: Exploring and learning phrase works from Frontier's wide range of repertoires using the idea imagery and weight.

[27 October 2018, Saturday]
Class: Improvisation & Creative Movement Class
Class Schedule: 1.45pm – 2.45pm
Conducted by: Adelene Stanley
Description: This involves a series of warm up exercises to open your body and mind. The class encourages you to respond to music, to explore the body through movement and creative improvisation.  (“Movement is the language of the soul.” - Martha Graham).

Class: Basic/Intermediate Contemporary Class
Class Schedule: 3pm – 4pm
Conducted by: Sammantha Yue
Description: Class focuses on understanding body alignment, weight transfers and body-spatial relationships through set exercises.

Class: Body Conditioning for Dancers <preventing injuries>
Class Schedule: 4.15pm – 5.15pm
Conducted by: Keigo Nozaki
Description: Strengthening and stretching exercises for the daily care of the body or preparing the body before dancing for injury prevention. Suitable for young dancers and students, but can also be suitable for adults.


Noise X Got to Move: Showcase

Where: ION Orchard Mall, Basement 4
When: 13 October 2018 (Saturday), 5pm-6.30pm

The Noise X Got to Move: Showcase is a continuation of the Noise X Got to Move: Learning Camp where the instructors/choreographers and participants of the camp aged 17-25 will continue to develop, explore and create an performing item. The items will be choreographed by celebrated choreographers, Deborah Nightingale (née Galloway) (England), and Frontier Danceland's Artistic Director, Low Mei Yoke and Sascia Pellegrini (Italy/Hong Kong).

These items will be presented alongside Frontier Danceland and TRDO in the Noise X Got to Move: Showcase as part of the Got to Move ISLANDWIDE.

So...don't miss the chance to catch Frontier Danceland and the many other talents in action!!



Where: Victoria Theatre/ Empress Lawn
When: 28 October 2018 (Sunday)

Frontier Danceland will be performing an interactive item that witness the exploration of different dimensions involved in a dialogue, and the gaps and assumptions that are often implied in a conversation for the Got to Move SPOTLIGHT.

A collaboration between Frontier Danceland's Artistic Director Low Mei Yoke and performer, composer and choreographer Sascia Pellegrini (Italy/Hong Kong), audience interaction will be incorporated into this segment of performance. Do look forward to how the item will play out!!