Company Artists

Sammantha Yue

Sammantha attained a Diploma in Dance (2014) and graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Dance (2016) from LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS.

At LASALLE, she danced in works by local and international choreographers such as Foo Yun Ying, Chiew Pei Shan, Yarra Ileto, Melissa Quek, Simona Cieri, Wu Yi-San, Susan Buirge and Chankethya Chey. In addition to performing, Sammantha also created Introspective (2015, LASALLE) and Tussel (2015, NTU Contemp{minated}).

As an artist, Sammantha aspires to be a versatile dancer who is always evolving, exploring and never afraid to experiment. She is currently Frontier Danceland's M1 PUSLE Coordinator.