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Artistic Director

Photo Credit: Faye Tan

LOW MEI YOKE is the co-founder of Frontier Danceland and is presently the artistic director and choreographer of the company. Under her direction, Frontier Danceland gained professional status in 2011.

With a unique style that fuses Eastern dance aesthetics with Western dance movements, Low’s choreography focuses on honest portrayals of human emotions, zeal and relentless drive. Her works are contemplative, evoking reflection and introspection, and are celebrated for being bold, imaginative and thought-provoking. She also enjoys creating works that represent Singapore’s vibrant and diverse society.

Low’s choreographic works have been performed to great success and favourable reviews. Her work Cloud was showcased at ‘2000 Feet – A Celebration of World Dance’, a dance festival held in Philadelphia, USA to much acclaim. Dance critic, Brenda Dixion Gottschild, praised it as a first-rate performance in America’s foremost dance publication, Dance Magazine. In 2012, her work White, after a successful premiere in Singapore, also toured to Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur’s 8th International Dance Festival Tari ’13 and Sibu International Dance Festival 2013 and received considerable critical acclaim. In 2011, Low collaborated with notable Taiwanese choreographer, Jeff Hsieh Chieh-Hua to choreograph 22.5 minutes – Subconscious Indulgence, which has been performed in Singapore and Taiwan. Other notable works from Low include Abortion, Asking Dance, Crying Earth, Grandmother’s Tale, Refugees and The First Emperor.

An advocate of contemporary dance in Singapore, Low has been actively involved in dance education for over 30 years. She is currently the artistic director and resident choreographer of the modern dance groups at Nanyang Girls’ High School, Raffles Girls’ School and Raffles Institution. Under her tutelage, the schools have consistently performed outstandingly at the Singapore Youth Festival dance competition, often achieving Gold with Honours, the highest possible ranking.